Specialist neurologists

Our doctors are not only specialists but highly trained neurologists who consult on a wide spectrum of neurological diseases. Call 02 82871900 for your consultation. Lines are open Monday – Friday 8am – 10pm and weekends/public holidays 10am to 8pm (Eastern Standard Time)

What does a neurologist do?

A neurologist deals with disorders of the central nervous system (brain, spinal cord) and peripheral nervous system (spinal roots, nerves, muscles). The areas are diverse and the most frequent issues for consultation include but are not limited to:

  • Headache and migraine
  • Sweating disorders
  • Nerve conduction tests
  • Injectable therapy for muscle relaxation and pain management
  • Peripheral neuropathy and muscle disorders
  • Stroke
  • Epilepsy
  • Parkinsons disease and other movement disorders
  • Multiple sclerosis and central neuroinflammation
  • Disorders of memory and other higher function
  • Disorders of walking and balance
Call 02 82871900 for appointments and information.


What does a neurologist with special qualifications in injection therapy (of muscle relaxant) have to do?

Neurologists licenced to inject usually have a long training period. These include: undergraduate/postgraduate medical degree (usually 5-6 years), general residency (2+ years), basic physician training (3 years) and neurology training (3 years). On top of this, there has to be a period of specific training in the use of injectable therapy, with certification required by Department of Human Services.

If you think that you may have a condition including any of the above that we can help you with, you will need to seek the advice of your general practitioner (GP), as all consultations to our doctors will require a valid referral. These consultations are generally partially rebatable on Medicare.


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