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What is chronic migraine?

Many people may suffer migraine (up to one in 10 people). For most of these people, migraine only occurs a few times a year. However, a small percentage will have a more severe form that is difficult to shift. Technically speaking, you must have ≥15 days of the month with any form of headache with the greater part like migraine (light sensitivity, nausea, visual disturbance etc).


Is it dangerous?

Most migraine is not dangerous. But it can be a nuisance, disrupting work and leisure plans.


How does one normally deal with chronic migraine?

Trigger avoidance, relaxation and lifestyle modification is useful but rarely are sufficient for chronic migraine. Drug treatment is divided into acute treatment of attacks and preventive therapy. Many drugs can be sedating and poorly tolerated.


What else can be done?

Recently, an injectable (anti-wrinkle muscle relaxant) medication has been proven in clinical trials to help in chronic migraine. Injections are directed at the head and neck ‘trigger points’, and are very superficial and generally well tolerated. There are very few side-effects, and the medication is not sedating and can be given with other drugs. This medication is PBS approved with a medicare rebatable injection procedure when it is administered by a trained neurologist in our Migraine Doctor clinics.



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